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About Us

Rumorcheck.org is a website dedicated to countering a pernicious side effect of the Internet – the creation and mass distribution of statements that have little or no basis in fact. As nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker recently wrote about the wife of Senator Joe Lieberman:

"But there is a larger issue embedded herein concerning the damaging effects of viral warfare on individual reputations, not to mention democracy: Hadassah Lieberman is but the most recent victim of new media that owe no allegiance to facts or to the goal of an informed citizenry. In such an environment, anyone's reputation is subject to the whim of any other person armed with an agenda and a random selection of disputable facts, and unencumbered by standards. "

Contributors to Rumorcheck.org are individuals who wish to elevate the level of political dialogue on the local level, by reducing the amount of ‘noise’ and enabling citizens to concentrate on the real issues, not be distracted by reckless accusations and slander.

There are a few ground rules at Rumorcheck.org:

  1. Every contribution posted here must be signed. If you aren’t willing to sign your name to something, we have to have serious doubts as to its veracity.

  2. Every contribution must have independent verification, whether official documents or reliable sources on the Web or whatever. Just saying “everyone knows” won’t cut it.

  3. Not all rumors are worthy of being confirmed or denied. Rumors that are reduced to “he said – she said” or are simple personal slander will be ignored, unless there is publicly documented judicial action.

  4. Comments on contributions here are encouraged – but every comment will be screened. We will not follow the failed system of allowing unmoderated blog entries by anonymous posters – this is exactly how most false rumors and gossip are propagated. In rare cases, we may agree to not print your name, but you must supply your ID to us in every case.